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“Soup Can Pop Band” is a passive-aggressive critique of modern society & politics, communicated through an homage of punk music in all its historical diversity. "Sounds like David Bowie met The Ramones backstage at a Clash gig," is how our mixing engineer José Diogo Neves put it. The album won the Rock Album of the Year Award at Estonian Music Awards in 2022.


"The hearts of The Boondocks are beating to the rock god and pretty hard. Before this new album, they must've been either meditating in a monk cell or opening their chakras in a Native American tent, because the base is as solid as rock and the going bold like a "Dune” rocket.”
 - Peeter Kormašov, Eesti Ekspress

"With post-punk and indie music influences, Soup Can Pop Band is a tribute to two music traditions. It is timely too, wrestling with the questions of how the individual relates to society, propped with references to trolls and self-help literature.“
 - Paula Erizanu, The Calvert Journal

Soup Can Pop Band really gets going (then no longer stops!) with the fourth song, "Shadow in the Light“, which seems to want to join New Order on the dance floor, while maintaining its own cool and careless attitude. The penultimate track "(10455)", shaking all its limbs, is already on there. It's perhaps the most overflowing instrumental craze in the domestic music scene since Lexsoul Dancemachine's drum track "Pike Jawz" last year."
 - Andrei Liimets, ERR

“The Boondocks’ “Soup Can Pop Band” is a sarcastic living manual that whips, thrills and cleanses when needed. It’s a pure punk rock sound in a social sauce with a tone of 2021.”
 - Kevin Loigu, Müürileht